Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro Review

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 - XIAOMI

Xiaomi has assumed a rate of production of new smartphones now amazing, considering the many variations of smartphones that are made available. Today we talk about Redmi and details of Redmi version 4 Pro (also known as Redmi 4 First). 4 Redmi Pro is a compact smartphone and very comfortable to use even with one hand. The thickness is quite low, while weight betrays the presence of substantial battery. Is made of metal, making the smartphone also interesting for those who want a smartphone that can disfigure aesthetically and constructive. The physical buttons on the right side you press OK, although in our sample we found them a bit too soft. Nice rounding of the back that partly follows the lines of their hand.

This new compact smartphone Haier has a Snapdragon 2 GHz graphics processor core from 625 octa Adreno 506 and 3 GB RAM. This is a very interesting hardware and smartphone allow optimal performance under all conditions. Good connectivity: WiFi a/b/g/n dual band Bluetooth 4.2, infrared port and dual SIM support. Too bad the LTE connectivity at 300 Mbps, suffer again of the absence of the gang 20 to 800 MHz, main users cross Wind.

Absent the NFC chip, while there is FM radio. Very good the fingerprint reader on the back, always quick and precise detection. The speaker is then now at low cost (compared to Redmi 3 where it was at the back) and has a volume and a quality slightly above average. Choice rather anachronistic enough to launch the smartphone with a microUSB port, instead of Type-C.

The 13 megapixel camera ƒ/4 Pro 2.2 of this Redmi surprised us positively, though without ever actually realize a perfect shot. The pictures are definitely much more than enjoyable with plenty of light and become acceptable in low light, even if you lose a lot of detail and noise takes over. The software is fast and focus is fairly accurate. In terms of features, there aren’t any news, if not many confirmations by Xiaomi. The videos are enough if a little flicker, as well as simply the modest 5-megapixel front camera. The screen is left over from 5 inches but the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, going as far as to increased (Full HD), always in IPS technology. The display has a resolution of important, especially considering its size. Very good brightness and also works well for the automatic brightness. It is an excellent smartphone with regard to the display in its price range. Only the brightest maybe could be even higher.

Android is updated to version 6.0.1 Marshmallow and is personalized with the interface MIUI 8 that we learned about in all new smartphone of the Chinese company. There are so new, but all the functions that you may already know and appreciate are still present. We speak for example hand mode, do not disturb mode, the second space to duplicate the system (and keep it protected with a code or imprint) and dual apps to duplicate a single application and then access with a second account.

4100 mAh battery is the real key to this product. With an average use will the rule be able to do two full days on a single charge, while with heavy usage you will never have problems to get through the day with an abundant amount of remaining range. One of the best smartphones by end 2016 to buy for its autonomy. Honorbuy, from which we took this Redmi 4 Pro, sells your smartphone to 172 € a price extremely interesting for a smartphone that has much to offer in terms of hardware and performance.

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