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Thursday, December 29th, 2016 - XIAOMI

Xiaomi Mi MIX is one of those Smartphones that reinvent a genre, that “full screen”, which in the coming months will probably be imitated by competitors. This is a limited edition model, and very unusual in several respects: on the one hand, a must-have for “collectors”, the other is not without some flaws of youth to take into serious consideration. Inside the box we find a power supply 12V/Haier 1.5 to MIX Me with USB cable – USB Type-C and a special cover with fabric lining to protect your smartphone right away. This removes charm to the beautiful ceramic back cover, but on the other it becomes almost necessary to be a little safer, and since we imagine that the aftermarket for this limited edition model is particularly flourishing, Xiaomi he included in the package.

Bonus points for the box itself, which has three compartments stacked on top of one another that open simply by lifting the first, which then carries the other two. What a pity about the lack of headphones, which from a template so sought after we would have expected.

Xiaomi Mi MIX is made from glass, ceramics elsewhere on the front, and Gorilla Glass. It is also the Ceramic ceramic profile and back cover (the two are not a single body); Finally are ceramic coating of the fingerprint and the side buttons (volume rocker and power button).

Translated in a nutshell, this means that Xiaomi Mi MIX is almost impossible to accidentally scratching (the pottery is really resistant: look at this test!), but at the same time the pottery is also very rigid and easily damaged when falling.

In addition, the extreme slipperiness of ceramics also make smartphone’s grip a bit more difficult than necessary, and certainly the size is small and the heavy weight (209 grams), they don’t help. Better with the help of the cover included, which as previously mentioned defeats the purpose of a ceramic shell, which is beautiful even just to look at (after you clean your fingerprints).

The choice of materials is also a bit of a paradox by Xiaomi: on the one hand a lot of quality, but on the other also raises some critical issues.

Xiaomi Mi MIX is a top of the range in all but name. We have the fastest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 to 2.35 GHz with 530 Adreno GPU (which, however, in some benchmark exhibited unexpected declines, although in practice we have not noticed problems), 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 128 or 256 GB internal memory UFS 2.0 (not expandable). The main camera is by ben 16 megapixels (but more on that in detail later), while the front is from 5 megapixels, and the battery is a more than generous 4,400 mAh.

The peculiarity of the screen “without borders” on three sides has led to the use of some particular technologies, including dissemination via audio is called piezoelectric effect, which occurs in practice by vibrating the whole shell to propagate sound, and using an ultrasonic proximity sensor, rather than the traditional one. The result is that you will listen to your conversation partner supporting the ear a little everywhere on the glass (but better still in the top half), but the audio will sound a bit tinny and low, more than a regular earbud. In home/office environments is not a problem, but on the street might have some difficulty in understanding every word, if background noise were high.

The ultrasonic sensor still works well in detecting the approach of an object, even on rare occasions the screen has awakened during a call, despite being propped up to our ear. It’s not often, but well worth staying a minimum care.

Could not fault it on face connectivity in General, with LTE up to 450 Mbps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and ac dual band 4.2 NFC, in addition to the USB Type-C. But there is a but, as in many other Xiaomi: there is the gang 20 in LTE (800 MHz), limiting 4 g connectivity in Italy.

Discreet speaker: is located on the underside, and despite the grids are two, left and right of the USB port, it is only the right to host the speaker really. Overall, would you even for the huge display, watch videos and play games on this MIX is a real pleasure, and the sound carries well. Nothing negative to say even on the fingerprint reader on the back: fast and accurate in unlocking, and after a while your hand “remembers” its location easily.

Here we could use the proverbial: “the rub”. Yes because if everything else Xiaomi Mi MIX performs well or poorly from top of the line, albeit with some caveats, photo front we are mid-priced and no more. Daytime photos are fine, but as soon as the light goes down if they observe all limits, both in terms of noise of rendition.

The absence of any kind of electronic, optical stabilization, either does not help neither the photos nor videos: the first is more easily moves if there is too much brightness, so much so that in conditions where other smartphones still manage to capture the scene, this MIX produces a black table (see gallery below). The latter have so much noise, colors not always faithful, and a strong tendency to raise the ISO and then the rumor, as soon as the light falls a minimum.

In the camera app, the same as the one already seen on many Xiaomi, there are filters and various shooting modes, including the manual that helps balance the white, adjust the focus, exposure and ISO and that overall, if you’ll use to make a small jump forward to the camera; but don’t expect miracles. Also the auto HDR, but even he doesn’t change too much the end result.

The same applies to the front-facing camera, which has the classic effects to make you more beautiful beautify in selfie, but you need good light and a steady hand to acceptable results.

6.4 inches so you had never seen them, and undoubtedly the scenic effect is there, with those three sides on four that skim the edge of smartphone, giving you extra space available for your content. After using for some time Mi MIX, any other smartphone will seem small.

The display is an IPS (a little more) full HD (2,040 x 1,080 pixels in 16:9 17:9, excluding the NavBar), and although it could be argued that they are “few”, given the size, there really isn’t much to complain about. The colors are pretty bright, intense enough blacks (not AMOLED, but neither is “washed out”), and the whites, though they lose something by tilting your phone. The maximum brightness is high enough, and viewing angles, as is traditional IPS, present no problems.

We noticed occasional uncertainty in detecting the double tap (useful for example to awaken the screen), and drag-and-drop operations: sometimes it seems that the display lose touch, and then recover it shortly thereafter. You notice especially in some games where you have to drag various elements on the screen or writing with swipe type keyboards. It is not a common, but can be annoying (especially if it will make you lose a match game).

The MIUI 8 based Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, soul this MIX, and does so with all the quality that we saw on the latest smartphone Xiaomi with this same version. You will know already that there is no app drawer, that there are so many themes of Eastern mold, and that some apps are poorly adapted to our market. We tried firmware is the original one Chinese (in English), but the international version is ready, it just takes a while to unlock the bootloader, which is why we didn’t want to wait. On the other hand, it is a matter of minutes and you can easily make third-party apps in Italian, install the Play Store and Google services, and from there move serenely by adding your favorite apps.

Among the special features of MIUI 8 deserve further mention dual app, to duplicate any app you want (eg for WhatsApp have two accounts) and second space, to separate the ball (and data) from the private and working to get a second account. There is a blue light filter — reading mode, but we met up at the bottom, and also an option for kids, or to block access to certain apps you selected. You can also hide the NavBar and bring up a quick ball, a floating sphere that you can place anywhere on your screen, with the classic keyboard Android and some additional options.

The 4,400 mAh battery lives up to expectations. Arriving at night, even with heavy usage, it’s not a big deal, but it is not easy to get us two full days, unless you are extremely careful. We will be honest, we would have expected even a little something more from a battery with this ability, given also that other smartphones Xiaomi, below, we had hope, but basically we can’t complain too much, considering however the results. Xiaomi Mi MIX is a very special, unique smartphone for now, and its price is therefore quite high (due to its limited availability and high demand). We got it from Topresellerstore, you can enjoy 4/128 GB version to 779 € with warranty, a figure on par with top of the range of companies. The price in China is obviously much more competitive, but it’s useless to complain about this.

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