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Thursday, November 10th, 2016 - ONEPLUS

OnePlus X explores the contrasts and harmony. Express the individuality present in the life urban modern, the conflict between the elaboration artisan traditional and the manufacturing industrial, as well as the balance between the design and the technology. It is a reflection of where you are now and where you will be tomorrow. Believe that a smartphone should be able to use is of form instinctive, with fluidity and without any effort.

OnePlus X symbolizes a love story between the aesthetic and material quality only: zirconia ceramics. Not is the first time that someone tries to design devices technology with ceramic, but never with a result as excellent. Thanks to a new level of precision achieved in the design of this smartphone, watchmaking and luxury craft today can present you our most elegant device.

Spesifikasi Lengkap OnePlus X

OnePlus X

Manufactured with the most advanced sensors, OnePlus X camera is incredibly fast and are designed to make high-quality photos at any time and place.

Take amazing photos with the rear 13 .3MP camera and aperture f/2.2 to get a depth and detail without equal. The colors are vivid thanks to optimization of the white balance and saturation, which ensure that your photos always capture the real tones. With the help of our exclusive image, the industry-leading processor, the most important elements of a perfect photo always stand out. Equipped with technology ISOCELL, light sensitivity is increased to offer sharper images and reduce the visual noise.

The keys to the quality of images taken with the front trigger OnePlus X reside in your, 8 MP camera with Aperture f/2.2 and our “Beauty Mode” mode. Get photos effortlessly on any occasion and perfect. Use one of our three optimized shooting modes to capture the perfect shot: Auto, HDR, or Clear Image. You can also record videos in high definition (1080 p HD), with additional functions of sequential photography and slow motion.

Since the camera is one of the key elements of smartphones, our engineering team faced the challenge of redesigning the OnePlus X cameras to make them more powerful, fast and easy to use. And he got it. You can now take pictures at a surprising and unthinkable speed for competitive devices. You fall in love with you after hearing sound from the first click and will be surprised yourself by catching the OnePlus X again and again.

Discover from more intense blacks to the most vivid colors on the screen of your OnePlus X. enjoy faster response times and the display with enhanced solar light, which illuminates the expressions from around the world and impresses you every time. Technology and design are polar opposites. From the inside to the outside, our last device dominates the balance between performance and beauty. With the excellent and highly commended processor Snapdragon™ 801, you can be sure that your X OnePlus always work exactly the way you want. Advanced Mobile features are quick and easy to use. Burn spectacular videos to 1080 p, enjoys the optimized battery life and easily transmits high quality (FullHD) videos.

The images that require intense processing come alive thanks to a powerful graphics chip with an extraordinary memory and processing capacity comparable to a desktop computer. OnePlus X was created to be as reliable as elegant.

You can easily manage all your files on your device and add a lot of extra storage with a microSD card. Take it all with you, without limits. The OnePlus radio brings FM stations to your smartphone in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re at home, studying in the library or walk, you can tune it and discover a whole new world of ideas.

As important as your mobile device must be available whenever you need it. For this reason, we wanted make sure that you don’t have to worry about never running out of battery until the day runs out. The hardware and software of the OnePlus X have been optimized to maximize improving battery performance. No matter if you browse, listen to music or do other tasks for hours: this device has been created for the modern user that never rests.

Connect from anywhere. Your X OnePlus comes unlocked and can connect using two SIM cards to 4G speed from the first moment. You can use it all over the world without having to give explanations.
Would you like to enjoy a surprisingly easy mobile experience, created for you? Welcome to OxygenOS. With a design that highlights your individual personality, this operating system for smartphones has everything you need and has nothing superfluous.

These people and their products I know them well, I had occasion to analyze the first OnePlus, also the second, and now I’m with a third element that comes out a little from the path marked by his older brothers. OnePlus wanted to make a small and affordable phone, but I had the presence of a high-end product, and before going into details, we can say that it is what you have achieved.

Take a look at all phones that exist below 300 euros, and looking for something that has such a good presence and materials, I doubt that you find a competitor at the same level. Super phones by Motorola, BQ, ASUS, or the own OnePlus, with other virtues, but none takes care of the quality and the detail as this OnePlus X. It is not perfect, so we are here, to go knowing its lagoons and goodness.

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